Montague Island Nature Reserve

  • Montague Island lighthouse, Image Andrew Brown

  • Fairy seals, Image Arthur Mostead for National Parks and Wildlife Services

  • Seals swimming underwater

  • Montague Island lighthouse, Image S Cohen for National Parks and Wildlife Services

  • Fishing boat near Montague Island, Image Andrew Brown

Must Do

Montague Island on the South Coast

Hundreds of Australian fur seals (up to 700 animals during breeding season) make their home on Montague Island from late August to early December. New Zealand fur seals, a separate species, visit regularly as well. The island is a breeding ground for at least 15 bird species – including about 8000 pairs of penguins.

To protect Montague Island’s environment, access is limited to local tours guided by New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service rangers.

On a tour you’ll learn about the island’s plants and animals, its Aboriginal and European history and visit Montague Lighthouse, first lit in November 1881.

From September to November, guided tours extend to whale watching, as humpback and southern right whales move south on their annual migration from warmer tropical waters to the cooler waters of the Antarctic.

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