Beaches of Jervis Bay

  • Inlet at Jervis Bay, Image Nick Rains

  • Greenpatch beach, Image Nick Rains

  • Dolphin and whale cruise, Image James Pipino

  • Kayaking at Booderee National Park, James Pipino

  • Booderee National Park, Image James Pipino

Fast facts

  • Sparkling bluewater bay lined with a string of pearly beaches such as Culburra Beach, Callala Bay and beach and Green Patch Beach
  • 180 km south of Sydney on the South Coast

Why go there

Just south of the Shoalhaven River, Jervis Bay measures 15 km from north to south and about 10 km across. The main town is Huskisson, from where dolphin-watch cruises, dive and fishing trips and boats depart to explore this vast waterway.

The bay’s beaches are glorious, especially those starting from Greenfields Beach, just south of Vincentia, and continuing to Murrays Beach in the shelter of Bowen Island. Its sparkling waters, underwater topography of arches, caves and rock stacks and a marine population that includes gropers, wrasses, sharks, cuttlefish and sea dragons make this one of the finest dive sites in the State.

At its southern end, Jervis Bay is enclosed by Booderee National Park, a pristine coastal wilderness. From Wreck Bay village on Summercloud Bay in the park’s south, a walking trail circles the peninsula to St Georges Head, passing a succession of quiet beaches, cliffs and forests.

Sociable and playful, the dolphins that live within the sheltered embrace of Jervis Bay can often be seen in shallow waters close to shore – or even close to sea kayaks in the bay. And between June and November, migrating whales can be seen from boats and headlands, as they pass by or come right inside the bay.

Don’t miss

  • Some of the world’s whitest sand between your toes at Hyams Beach.
  • The sparkling scoop of sugar-white sand and sheltered waters of Murrays Beach in the shelter of Bowen Island.
  • Bushwalking along coastal trails.
  • Exploring notable beauty spots such as Hole in the Wall, Bristol Point and Scottish Rocks and Green Patch Beach.
  • Sea kayaking with the Jervis Bay Sea Kayak Company.
  • The spring wildflowers in Booderee Botanic Gardens and crimson rosellas at Green Patch.
  • A dolphin cruise or a whale watch cruise from Huskisson.
  • Diving, either from Green Patch or a boat dive with a Huskisson dive operator.